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     Our farm is located on a century plot in Millgrove, Ontario, just a few minutes west of the town of Waterdown. Our family purchased the property in 2017 and since then we've been busy restoring and renovating the stone farmhouse and property.

     All our flowers are started from seed in the house and then transplanted into the field starting in early spring. Besides a wide selection of annuals, we also grow tulips, peonies, lavender, lilacs and a many other perennials. Our style of arranging flowers can be described as "whimsical", or "relaxed" and the end product is a unique, high-quality bouquet. 

     Westfield Flowers aims to grow flowers in an environmentally friendly way, by not using pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We love the bees, butterflies and birds and so we do our best to give them a healthy habitat to live in. We're also exploring and learning more about the no-till method of farming, and are slowly implementing ways to make this transition. 

     Keep an eye out here for our farm stand hours and other events. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you might have about our business!



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